Protos (prototyping) + demos (thinking) = Protosdemos

We believe in prototyping. Our experts’ skilled hands turn ideas, concepts and challenges into objects to hold and spaces to experience.  A tradition of prototyping ensures that every project receives the attention to detail it deserves – no stone is left unturned when we design, build or craft. Our core is formed of a deep understanding of design combined and a strong will to collaborate, not only amongst our teams but also with all of our stakeholders. For us, every object and space is a chance to build a more sustainable, better-designed and happier world; for us, the future is bright, timeless and tangible.

Our methods are rooted in a collaborative approach and a strong understanding of the realities of transforming sketches into tangible objects within the real-life confines of budgets, materials and production techniques. Every project we do is executed by a team of highly skilled designers, craftspeople and artists. We believe in unconventional solutions, straightforward artisanship and thinking far beyond design. We’re committed to turning concepts into materiality and producing industry-defining products and solutions.

Everything we do is rooted in Nordic values: unfaltering equality, transparent sustainability and everlasting honesty. Nordicness is a commitment to focussing on usability, durability, timelessness – and happiness. Every object that leaves our craftspeople’s hands and every space we create carries a meaning.  We are global but local: our products have deep roots in the North but live like locals in all corners of the globe.

We've paired trailblazing technology with design to manufacture unique solutions. Our factory in Salo is not only a hub of creativity but also of contemporary prototyping – a place to make even the most challenging dreams and plans happen.