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Salo, a town in Western Finland, is home to our 4000 square metre campus where we turn abstract concepts into tangible objects. Our campus —Protos Demos’ heart of creativity and a true melting pot of ideas—brings together designers, artists and craftspeople and allows us to experiment organically and without boundaries. Our hub in Salo is supported by our office in Helsinki, from where our team coordinates our operations and installations.

Sales requests to

Marianna Sorsa

Head of Design 44 072 4396

Anna Dahlström

Chief Operating Officer 40 9664161

Otto Kotaja

Head of Manufacturing

Markku Seppänen

Project Manager 40 6762461

Mikko Isotalo

Purchases, warehouse & offer calculation 40 735 1611

Taija Frimodig-Niemi

Billing 40 833 1717

Jyrki Vuori

Prototyping/CNC +358 40 174 2120

Jussi Alanen

Design and Prototyping +358 50 560 5135

Henri Ylioja


Pasi Alakoski

Technical draftsman 406462989

Niclas Ahlström


E-invoice address: 003726929205
Operator: Maventa (003721291126)
Broker ID when sending from the banking network: DABAFIHH
Paper invoices to the scan address:

We do not receive invoices to our business address.

Marianna Sorsa

Founder, Owner 40 555 6565

Taija Frimodig-Niemi

Office Manager 40 555 6565

Marianna Sorsa

Founder, Owner 40 555 6565
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